The Benefits of Owning a Hybrid or Electric Subaru Vehicle

2023 Subaru Solterra parked in driveway


Five Main Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Benefits From Subaru

Electric cars are becoming more popular with each model year. So, knowing the benefits of hybrid or electric vehicles is important when considering how to invest your money in a vehicle.

Subaru has two main models to pay attention to:



Even better, you’ll get an advanced Subaru AWD system as another benefit of a hybrid or electric vehicle from this manufacturer. Find out five main hybrid or electric vehicle advantages as you read on!

    1. Reduced Emissions

EVs have zero tailpipe emissions and no carbon emissions. There is no internal combustion engine, so there is no exhaust system and no exhaust. Hybrids don’t have zero tailpipe emissions but they produce much less emissions than a standard gasoline-powered vehicle. Lowering carbon emissions is one of the main hybrid/electric vehicle advantages.

    1. Renewable Energy

If you get power from renewable energy sources, your EV lowers its carbon footprint even more. Even with conventional energy production, you’re still lowering the overall carbon footprint with your vehicle ownership.

    1. Reduced Maintenance

Full electric vehicles don’t require engine oil, transmission fluid changes, spark plug replacements, or battery replacements every 50,000 miles. You’ll need to watch out for tires and brakes, though, because EVs are typically heavier than their internal combustion counterparts. EVs also have coolant, which may need to be changed out at regular intervals.

Hybrid vehicles can also experience less maintenance as many moving parts aren’t utilized as often, such as your brakes due to regenerative braking. Much lower maintenance costs offer another top hybrid/electric vehicle ownership.

    1. Quieter Drive

You’ll notice a much quieter drive around South Jordan because EVs don’t make engine noise. Hybrid vehicles also have smaller internal combustion engines which can result in quieter drives. It will also keep your family in a quieter environment when you drive.

    1. Performance

Electric motors can produce near-instantaneous torque. If you want to accelerate quickly on Sandy roads, you can (within the speed limit, of course).

What Do I Need to Do Before Buying a Subaru EV?

You’ll need to prepare your garage with a Level 2 Charger, installed by a professional electrician. Also, map out DC Fast Charging stations for the public to use when you travel far from home. Luckily, major urban centers and key exits along major highways have public charging stations available to you. Plus, the Subaru Solterra range allows you to travel just about anywhere you need to go.

Test Drive a Subaru Hybrid or EV for Sale in Sandy

Ready to experience a Subaru hybrid or EV in person? Contact us or call 801-553-5200 to schedule a test drive with our team. We’d love to see you drive one of these quality vehicles home to Sandy.


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