You might not realize it, but computer chips make up quite a bit of modern vehicles. It's not just the infotainment system, either. Stability and traction control, electronically controlled suspension and driver-assist technology all need computer chips to function. Without them, the auto industry struggles to keep up with demand. How did this shortage even start?

Unfortunately, the pandemic not only shut the major chip manufacturing plants down for several months, but it also closed ports throughout Asia, where the chips are manufactured. However, many cars, computers, phones and more electronics continued to be produced. Soon, there was a major shortage, and when the chip factories came back online, they were met with a huge backlog of orders.

It's Not Good News for Our Draper, UT Customers

While most of the chip factories are back up and running, they're designed to work with the typical demand. With such a large backlog, they're struggling to catch up. These factories also aren't something that can be built in a couple of months near South Jordan, UT. The machines necessary to produce these tiny computer chips require near-perfection. While many car manufacturers are funding construction of local chip factories, those won't be finished for over a year.

This means that Subaru and other brands can't construct as many of their models. Some, like General Motors, have even closed factories down across America.

When Can We Expect Things to Be Back to Normal?

Most predictions sit around the one-to-two-year mark, though we'll see gradual improvements throughout that time. This is a temporary problem, but, for many people in the Salt Lake City, UT area, it's not temporary enough.

So, while you might not see as many models here at Mark Miller Subaru South Towne and other dealerships around West Jordan, UT, we're dedicated to providing our customers with new Subarus and a wide range of pre-owned models. Things might be tight for a bit, but that doesn't mean you won't be able to find a good deal on a fantastic car or SUV here in Sandy, UT.

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