Important message from Jeff Miller, on behalf of the Mark Miller Subaru Family, regarding Utah's poor air quality:

As the only Certified Eco Friendly Subaru retailer in our beautiful state, we take environmental sustainability very seriously. Our corporate mantra "Subaru Loves the Earth" beats at the very core of Mark Miller Subaru's culture. It's during days of poor air-quality that I ask myself, my team, and members of our community: "what can we do differently?" Today I'd like to offer some simple steps to potentially improve the air we breathe:

  1. Take Public Transportation. While it seems antithetical for a car dealer to suggest public transportation, our way of life and the air we breathe far exceeds all else. I'm encouraging all those who have the ability to utilize public transportation to do just that.

  2. Carpool in a Subaru. In the event public transportation is not available, I kindly ask that you consider carpooling in one of Subaru's Partial Zero Emissions Vehicles (PZEV). Many of the PZEV Subarus on our roads today were built in Zero-Waste/Zero Landfill facilities…That's right, YOU produce more waste than building a new Subaru! But more importantly, our PZEV line of Subarus are the environmentally conscious vehicle.  Consider this:
  • PZEV Subarus have 90% cleaner emissions than the average new vehicle.
  • Gasoline vehicles meeting PZEV emissions standards oftentimes have even lower emissions than hybrid or alternative fuel vehicles.
  • Subaru PZEV vehicles achieve such tight pollution controls, and the burning of fuel is so complete that in very smoggy urban areas, exhaust out of the tailpipe of a Subaru can actually be cleaner than the air outside.
  1. Be Idle Free.  We understand that it's cold outside, but consider this: "idling for more than 30 seconds is harmful to Utah's air (Utah's Clean Cities)."* If you're at a drive-thru, sitting in your driveway, or waiting for a friend - please turn off your vehicle. "Idling in your car for more than 30 seconds, shut your engine off to reduce your emissions. If all Utahns were idle free, it would reduce emissions by 893 tons per year. It is a simple change that can make a big difference when it comes to improving air quality."* 

  2. Limit Travel. If there were ever a time to stay inside with friends and family, it would be during Utah's inversion. Consider playing games, watching movies, or taking up a new craft instead of traveling out into the city for entertainment. Let's keep travel to a minimum during the inversion. 

  3. Donate. Employees of Mark Miller Subaru have an important saying when it comes to leaving a long-lasting impact on our community. That saying is: #leaveyourMARK'. We are committed to doing what's right for our community when it comes to the environment. Because of this, Mark Miller Subaru has established incredible partnerships with non-profit organizations who are committed to improving our earth. Consider making an end-of-year, tax-deductible gift to one of these outstanding charitable organizations today. Your support, along with the support of other Utahns, will ensure that the fight for clean air will continue on into 2017 and beyond:


    Your partner in sustainability,

    Jeff Miller
    General Manager
    Mark Miller Subaru


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