The Subaru Crosstrek Has it All and a Little More

There may be a number of dealerships in Sandy, but Mark Miller Subaru South Towne prides itself on offering an unforgettable experience for each customer. We are able to do this by offering good service and great choices, like the Subaru Crosstrek. The following are some features of the Crosstrek that make it stand out for drivers in the Draper area.

One thing that makes the Crosstrek a special vehicle is that it was designed with ruggedness in mind. This crossover is, after all, a four-wheel drive model, so it makes sense that it has a natural rugged appearance. Having a vehicle with that kind of visual power should make other vehicles pale in comparison.

Those thinking of traveling towards the outskirts of Riverton and beyond may want to know that the new Subaru Crosstrek has great handling and a high-riding body. This is great because it gives you better visibility when you are driving on rough terrain, keeping you safer - and that is always a good thing.

A great addition to this vehicle is the hybrid option. You get to enjoy the perks of a vehicle that is able to give you more miles per gallon, and it gives you a chance protect the Earth a little. Everyone wants to be eco-friendly, and now you can do it with a sense of style in this Subaru.

Safety is something the automaker wanted to offer all customers through the Crosstrek, and it was successful. For one, the premium trim of this vehicle comes with automatic headlights, so you do not have to worry about visibility as much while you navigate the South Jordan region. The vehicle also comes with a backup camera that allows you to see behind you with its 6.5-inch touchscreen monitor.

The Crosstrek also gives you a chance to connect to your Apple or Android devices using its Apple CarPlay or Android Auto capabilities. This means you will have access to all the apps you love while in your vehicle. Of course, you are not given access to apps that may distract you for your safety. You also get a great sound system to make your listening experience better.

These are just some of the things that make the Subaru Crosstrek stand out, but we encourage you to take a test drive. You can see what makes this model stand out in person at our dealership.

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