For Used Cars near SLC: Visit Mark Miller Subaru South Towne

Mark Miller Subaru South Towne


Our Best Deals on Used Cars Near SLC

What's the best value on a used car in Utah? Opinions vary, and everyone is going to have some amount of brand preference, but when you balance performance, price, longevity, capability, and fun, there's a clear answer in our eyes:

Get a used Subaru for your Salt Lake City lifestyle, and you'll get a lot more for the money.

No other brand has the same sort of reputation for adventurous capability and durability--in fact, according to Subaru, up to 96% of all Subaru cars made in the last 10…

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For New Subaru Cars in Salt Lake City, We've Got You Covered

A Diverse Subaru Selection For Sale Here in Sandy, Utah

Here at Mark Miller Subaru South Towne, we're the premier Subaru Dealership in Utah with everything that Sandy and Salt Lake City needs in a brand-new Subaru! What makes the Subaru brand different from others around the area? Well, the Subaru brand prides itself on bringing an assortment of sedans, hatchbacks and SUVs to the American public to meet their many needs and tastes. Each one proven to last with 98 percent of Subaru models sold in the last 10 years still going strong to this day. Here at…

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Utah Pride Festival 2015

This year Mark Miller Subaru had the opportunity to act as a platinum sponsor in the 2015 Utah Pride Festival and Parade.  It was an amazing experience for our dealership to support the LGBT community in Utah!  The festival (as usual) was a huge success, with everything from live performers, great food and two full blocks of booths and fun!

Mark Miller Subaru added an extra something special to the festival this year by bringing…
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