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New Subaru Legacy Offers Quality Performance

Subaru has cultivated quite the pedigree in the automotive industry, being one of the few non-domestic brands well-respected by the average American consumer and strongly associated with quality and endurance. They've earned this pedigree, and so perhaps it's fate that one of the best sedans made today - and by Subaru - is named Legacy. The culmination of engineering, safety, power and cost-effectiveness in this vehicle really do summarize the legacy of Subaru and automotive engineering as a whole.

Why Choose the New Legacy Sedan?

If you spend much time on the streets of Sandy, you've probably seen quite a lot of Subaru vehicles out there, and once you've experienced a Subaru for yourself, you'll understand why. At Mark Miller Subaru South Towne, our top priority is making sure that everyone is well-informed when choosing their next vehicle. We'd be bereft if we didn't take a moment to talk about just what a mark of excellence the Subaru Legacy really is.

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The first thing to understand is why people choose a four-door sedan over something two-door or something a bit heavier like an SUV or minivan. Sedans aren't for the professional that has a lot of cargo to haul on the job or someone that spends a lot of time off-road. Sedans aren't for people with large families they need to transport daily, either. So, who is a sedan for? Sedans are for everyone else. This means single professionals, parents with smaller families, or the social individual who likes to drive their friends around for a night on the town. Sedans, especially ones with the class and comfort of the Subaru Legacy, have a professional air to them, something that conveys discipline, positive image, and a sense of wealth.


Performance Meets Efficiency

Sedans are also known for their excellent handling, outstanding gas mileage (often over 30MPG highway and no less than 26MPG city), and very smooth ride. Mix these qualities with safe and reliable design, and you have a vehicle design which has long endured for a reason. The new Subaru Legacy doesn't just check all these boxes for drivers in Draper, though. Why would Subaru settle for good enough, when their entire philosophy is based around excellence?

The Subaru Legacy's powerful engine gets unmatched gas mileage, and modern science has made it about as green as a gas engine can possibly be. You're being kind to your bank account and to the planet at the same time, and that's something worth achieving. With air bags, anti-lock brakes and carefully-planned crumple zones, you can be assured that you're safe on the road. Impacts, should they happen, will result in far, far fewer injuries. You can't put a value on something like the safety of your fellow man - especially if you travel around South Jordan with people that you love.

Technology Improves Your Commute

Subaru takes safety seriously, so they don't stop there. Onboard technology can do automatic-braking for collision prevention and provides a full suite of driver assistance. Computers, like them or not, don't make mistakes, meaning you have a focused, dedicated guidance every step of the way. This technology is one of the things that makes the new Legacy a fantastic road trip car, despite sedans being a little smaller than some more common choices. The opulent interior just furthers this, with all the modern accoutrements that we're all unable to be away from nowadays. A dash display works with GPS, the onboard driver assistance, and your smart device for hands-free online interaction. Combined with Starlink® multimedia, you can provide quality entertainment to young children on long rides, or even to entertain the more fidgety road trip friend as you cruise out of Riverton in pursuit of adventure.


Take a New Subaru Car Out for a Test Drive

All of this makes the Legacy from Subaru a popular vehicle for drivers of taxi alternatives, providing a professional, and courteous service with Subaru quality. Before choosing your next vehicle, you have a lot of thinking to do, and you owe it to yourself to experience driving a Subaru Legacy before committing to what you plan to drive for the next several years! Come on by to Mark Miller Subaru South Towne and get acquainted with the new Legacy lineup and take a model out for a test drive.

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